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Recycling Equipment

Recycling equipment differs from waste equipment in that it tends to have significantly higher compaction ratios (13:1) that result in a finished material that has value to a municipality of recycling company. This ROI makes the separation of materials a very attractive alternative to throwing materials in the trash. 

The most common recycling machine is the baler. There are many varieties, but essentially balers can be categorized as vertical and horizontal. Compactors can be designated as recycling only and we will discuss that a little later. 



Vertical balers come in a variety of sizes, making bales of 100 - 1,300 lbs. They are mainly used for cardboard boxes, but can handle a variety of materials including paper, shrink-film, soft plastics, sacks. Specialty balers can handle aluminum and stiffer plastics. 

The verticals will usually offer standard piston/cylinder styles requiring up to 12 foot of height clearance or low profile which have internal scissor like cylinders for applications where height is restricted either by ceiling height or by racking. 

Verticals are available in single -phase power for the smaller units and three-phase power requirement for the larger ones. 

There are many choices when it comes to vertical balers. Gold Coast has relationships with all of the major manufacturers, giving you the widest variety of feature choices. We can help determine the proper size and functions for your situation.  


Horizontal balers are for high volume recycling. Various sizes and styles exists depending on the type of material, volume of material, space available and budget. In general, there are closed-end balers and auto-tie balers. 

There are single ram and two ram balers. All in all, there are many configurations and options for horizontal balers and your labor availability and goals will be crucial in helping to determine the right once for you. There are also new and used options. A Seasoned professional is a must and we have the experience to put you at ease.

Gold Coast also has the contacts to strike the perfect deal. We can also be your resource for bale wire and service. 

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When labor is scarce or your operation simply calls for it, a compactor or dumpster can be used for recycling when it is designated for that use only.


Contaminated cardboard is worthless so the right setup, including the right kind fo dumping system will be important choices. We have lots of experience with this choice so let Gold Coast help to guide your decision towards a stationary compactor or perhaps an auger compactor, which can typically get you up to 60% more material in your container per load. 

We can also help negotiate recycling dumpster rentals or waste contracts. In CA, most recycling is exempt from franchise rules with haulers so there may be more options than you thought for managing your recycling. 


We can also help with electronic, medical or hazardous waste or recycle programs or when specialty machinery is needed. 


When your styrofoam or EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) packaging starts to overrun your dumpster or compactor, densification turns it into a useful by-product. Densifiers come in both cold and heated versions. Knowing which is best for your application is our job and we can help you pick the right volume machine for the job. 


The fact is, there are more specialty machines available than can be covered here. a Few examples might be a cardboard shredder that turns your flat cardboard into packing material, or how about a glass crusher. Whatever it is you need, Gold Coast probably has a partner to source it from. 

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