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Waste Equipment

For waste, the most common solution tends to be the dumpster. At some point, when too many recoverable materials are thrown away, or too much air space is present or when the flow of waste is too much, a piece of machinery may need to be employed. The most frequently prescribed is the compactor. 

Compactors are usually categorized into two types - Stationary and Self-Contained. In the simplest terms, Stationary compactors are used for "dry waste" and Self Contained for wet waste. Stationary compactors haul the container or receiver body only while the entire unit including motor and press are taken by the hauler with the self-contained. 

Victoria Trailer Park - KP1SC 2-21-06 P1

Pull rates for each will vary by hauler, city and contract. Distance to the landfill is often a consideration. The advantage to a compactor is that the material is condensed or compacted at a rate fo about 4:1, so you have less frequency of pulls. This will often save money.


Additionally, one of the keys to good waste management is separating and recovering recyclable materials out of the waste stream. This has the dual benefits of cost savings and environmental impact. By compacting only waste, you reduce volume, frequency of pulls and carbon footprint. Recovered material is also often a revenue source as the local recycler will pay for that material by weight. Properly segmenting and recapturing that recycling will be covered in the Recycling Equipment page. 

Compactors come with a variety of ways to fill them and with various sized containers (aka receiver body). They are usually accompanied by guides for the hauler and require a minimum height of around 23 feet vertically for the pull.​

Self Contained Compactor


Compactors can be dock fed, ground fed, tipper fed or conveyor fed. Stairs, enclosures, foot and hand rails and chutes are all things we can help you with. 


As you can see, it really does take an expert, but Gold Coast will make the whole process as easy as can be. 

Stationary Compactor


In addition to horizontal compactors, Gold Coast can help outfit you with a vertical compactor. Perfect for small grocery stores, bakeries, university campuses or strip mall enclosures, these vertical packers are a great way to reduce your hauling costs and frequency. 

A variety of sizes and configurations are available. Need it a certain color, we can help. Vertical packers are the kissing cousins to the apartment packer. 

Series-1000-Thru-the-Wall-Compactors (2)


Gatehouse - 1-18-10 P1010017 (2).JPG

Apartment or chute fed compactors fill a vital role in keeping waste or recycling managed in muti-dwelling residences. Small spaces require special solutions. We can outfit your trash area with the best solution for your situation. 

Look at our odor and pest control section for the companion solution to keeping all of these solutions smelling less like trash and more like an environmental improvement. Go to our Gallery or Video sections for examples of a variety of solutions we have provided. 



Food Waste is such a big problem in America that we have made it a separate section on our website. Click the button to see more. 

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