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Landfills, dumpsters, garbage cans, and your kitchen bin all have one thing in common: they stink horribly! But why? Why is that odorless food you tossed out a day ago suddenly stinking up your kitchen from the trash can? The short answer is chemicals and decomposition, but here is a more detailed breakdown of why garbage smells:

At its most basic, decomposition is the breakdown of complex organic compounds into simple organic and inorganic molecules. It is brought about by microorganisms and macroorganisms – the physical environment and fuel from the decomposing material. Decomposition produces a lot of chemicals and gases, which are responsible for the smelly odor of trash. The more that trash decomposes, the more it stinks.


Decomposition can attract bacteria and other harmful organisms that feed on dying/decaying material. That bacteria can be dangerous and can attract pest like roaches, rats, or in rural areas, raccoons, bears and other animals.


In today's environment, we have learned that viruses can also linger in the right conditions. Fortunately Gold Coast provides two types of odor control - A metered spray much like what you would use in your home to both cover and eliminate odors. This metered system can help keep common areas from fouling the air such as in apartment garages, trash chutes, trash corals, or in equipment such as  a compactor where wet waste will be kept. These systems are inexpensive and replacement odor control fluid can be supplied on a monthly or quarterly basis. 

The other system uses UV light to create ozone. See below....



Alternatively, Gold Coast offers Glacier Ozone. Ozone kills the bacteria and VOC's that cause  odor; thereby eliminating the odor at the source. 

The basic oxygen essential to life that we breathe is two atoms of oxygen. The Glacier unit blows oxygen over a UV lamp. This splits the oxygen molecule and a third oxygen atom is added.

This third atom seeks out organic molecules of other substances and detaches from the ozone molecule and re-attaches to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) in the air that cause odor.  Ordinarily, this clean ozone has a life span of approximately 20-minutes before it reverts back into oxygen, unless it finds a carbon molecule to destroy.

Once attached, the third atom inactivates the contaminates by rupturing the organisms’ cell wall.  The third atom is then free to attach to another oxygen molecule. At this point the ozone is dissipated and all that remains is pure oxygen.

The Glacier Ozone System speeds up the cleansing process of foul-smelling infested areas by saturating the contaminated area with a huge volume of clean ozone molecules. The molecules as denoted in Grolier’s Book of Popular Science are a form of Super Charged Oxygen. 

Units are available ranging in size. Timers or sensors can be used to keep the ozone levels safe for humans and pets. However, pests are deterred by ozone and will often clear your area of rodents, insects and other disease carrying animals. 

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Glacier ozone is a plug and play unit available in 1, 2, 3, 4 lamp sizes depending on the application. Runs on 110V single phase power.

Ozone has been proven to kill Corona viruses, so it has great potential for keeping all those gloves, masks and potentially infected items treated thereby limiting re-exposure. Ozone has been tested on Covid-19, but results are not yet available. However it did prove successful agains SARS - another Corona virus similar to Covid-19. At low concentrations, ozone is not a total solution, but it can help. 

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Gold Coast Ecology has created a metered odor control system that utilizes an air freshener type of approach. Much like a home freshener & dispenser, the unit uses our formulated scent to both cover odor and help eliminate it as well. 

Using larger dispenser capacity, the odor control system lasts for a long time, requiring very little attention. Re-supplying the freshener is easy and relatively inexpensive. 

This is a great alternative when ozone is not desired or when the enclosed area would benefit more from a freshener.